sophia_born1911 (sophia_born1911) wrote in babushka95years,

Return in Stalingrad. Part 1.2.

No sooner I got that news from woman the door broke open and young officer has appeared at front doorstep. He had a nice face and was dressed in white sheepskin that was girt with leather belt. He made some steps forward and came to hand salute to the chairman.
'I'm aide-de-camp of General B. We are going from Leningrad front line to the south. Hereby I request the accommodation for General', the officer reported.
'Call me Zoyka', the chairman barked for back rows.
However afore that Zoyka has jumped and seized the door handle. It seemed she was ready to carry out an order in a second.
'Follow him at my house. Than tell to my housewife to prepare bathhouse and samovar', the chairman severely told her.
Zoyka has vanished into thin air. Aide-de-camp greeting in a military fashion followed Zoyka.
All the people sitting over there were impressed by a sight for a while. It seemed they even didn't breathe. The short-term pause passed as the chairman finally has set down. While he started discussion on forthcoming affairs for next day the people shaked up unanimously. The appearance of a man from the front line put in touch everybody with their relatives in war. Soon the stress was over I got this message. The regional committee moves in Stalingrad; aide-de-camp's message about their movement to South…
'They come back!', all these news flashed my mind at once. And I realized that General B. will pass through Stalingrad. I trembled while I was thinking about it. Nothing to think something else.. Nothing to see anything.. I was wishing to stand up and to run… But I was unable to do that (to be continued). 
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